The life of the solar tracker enterprise is more important than the life of the tracker itself

With the continuous innovation of technology and the optimization of structure, the cost of solar tracking system has experienced a qualitative leap in the past decade. Bloomberg new energy said that in 2021, the global average kWh cost of photovoltaic power plant projects with tracking system was about $38/MWh, which was significantly lower than that of photovoltaic projects with fixed mount. The economy of tracking system is gradually reflected all over the world.

Residential solar tracker

For the tracking system, the stability of the system operation has always been a pain point in the industry. Fortunately, with the unremitting efforts of generations of photovoltaic people, the system stability of the tracking system has been greatly improved compared with many years ago. The current high-quality solar tracking system products can fully meet the needs of the normal operation of photovoltaic power stations. However, unlike the fixed structure made of pure metal materials, the tracking system is essentially an electric machine, certain failures and electrical device damages will inevitably occur, with the good cooperation of suppliers, these problems can often be solved quickly and at low cost. Once the cooperation of suppliers is lacking, the solution process will become complex and consume cost and time.

As an established R & D and production enterprise of solar tracking system, Shandong Zhaori New Energy (SunChaser)  has worked in the industry for more than ten years. In the past ten years, the business personnel of Shandong Zhaori new energy (SunChaser) have received some operation and maintenance requests from customers many times, not only for the products we have sold, but also for the tracking system products of other brands and even other countries. The company that originally supplied the products has changed careers or even closed down, some simple operation and maintenance problems have become difficult to solve, because the products of drive and control systems are often different, and it is difficult for non-original suppliers to help solve the operation faults of products. When we meet these requests, we are often unable to help.

In the past decade, a large number of enterprises have briefly participated in the wave of photovoltaic new energy and left quickly. This is especially true for solar tracking system enterprises, some may quit, merged and acquired, or even closed down. In particular, many second and third tier enterprises enter and exit very quickly, often only a few years, while the whole life cycle of solar tracking system is as long as 25 years or more. After these enterprises exit, the operation and maintenance of the left installed tracking system products has become a difficult problem for the owner.

Therefore, we think that when the product quality and stability of solar tracking system are relatively mature, the service life of solar tracker enterprises is even more important than that of solar tracker itself. As important parts of photovoltaic power plants, solar tracking brackets and solar modules are very different. For power station investors, the construction of a photovoltaic power plant often only intersects with the solar module supplier once, but needs to intersect with the solar tracking bracket manufacturer many times. Therefore, the most important thing is that the tracking bracket manufacturer is always there when you need it.

Therefore, for the owners of photovoltaic power plants, the importance of choosing a partner with long-term value even exceeds the product itself. When purchasing tracking systems, it is necessary to consider whether the tracking system enterprise selected for cooperation has long-term sustainability, whether it takes tracking systems as the core business of the enterprise for a long time, whether it has long-term R&D and product upgrading capabilities, and whether it always cooperates with the owner to solve any problems in the life cycle of the power station with a positive and responsible attitude.

Post time: Apr-20-2022